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Cloud Computing


Limited data seems to be a common issue nowadays with all of the technological gadgets one household can share. Cloud technology is constantly evolving for this very reason and there is a sector focused on residential capabilities. Improving lifestyles with technology is in high demand now and avoiding problems is always a desired effect. Cloud technology can cover everything from home security to parental controls and even gardening. Some examples climbing the popularity ladder are below:

WEATHER PREDICTING SPRINKLERS – The Skydrop Sprinkler Controller is a unit built with smart technology. It connects to a cloud service through WiFi to interpret hyperlocal, real-time weather data. This system can efficiently control water usage.

TINY LIVE-STREAMING CAMERAS – A tiny camcorder such as the CA 7CH Lightbox can instantly broadcast live. At only 1.5 inches wide, it can be clipped to clothing providing a hands-free experience. It communicates wirelessly with your smartphone and can send a live view with an app via cloud.

HERB THIRST INDICATORS – For those lacking a green thumb or just seeking simplicity when taking care of plants, the Moistly Plant Buddy steps in. It senses moisture and signals when it is too low.

HOME-CONNECTED SMARTPHONE DEVICES – Little gadgets like the Ninja Blocks are like stand-in butlers that make sure your home is like you want it. They allow people to connect their home (and sensors) to their smartphones to monitor temperature, doorbell activity and lighting. Ninja Blocks are small cloud-enabled computers essentially.

ENERGY CONTROL SYSTEMS – The Valta Energy Management System allows you to control your home’s electricity usage through the Internet. The system can show where energy is being wasted so that you can remotely switch that particular source off. The system includes special sockets to replace old ones that allow the sync operation.

PARENTAL INTERNET CONTROL – Kudoso takes standard parental controls to the next level. It controls Internet access at the point of the router and kids can only access it when they have completed the parent-assigned tasks. It works with a point system and uses cloud-based software and proprietary hardware that blocks unapproved content.

Cloud technology continues to evolve and is all the rage. The shift from traditional software models to the Internet has grown tremendously the past decade. Not having to manage hardware and software is a huge advantage and one less thing to worry about in our busy lives.