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We know that connected cars were a popular hit in the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Recreational gadgets to join the transportation concept also joined the list. One way or another, transportation appears to be developing to a whole other level.

DUAL DEVICE CAR CHARGERS – It is always the case that if there is more than one person in a vehicle, at least two phones will be in need of a charge. The Ti Smartphone Power Dock is made up of car-compatible docks/mounts to fit phones and GPS trackers. It can charge two devices at once.

ENCLOSED SNOWMOBILES – In a very futuristic looking approach, the Snow Crawler is a snowmobile powered on an electric drive system. It is an enclosed cabin that allows for swift movement in the coldest, snowy weather.

FUTURISTIC SMART CARS – Rapidly evolving, sophisticated car technology continues to amaze crowds. For example, the Volkswagen Golf R Touch has a system that is controlled by driver gestures and three large user-friendly touchscreens.

PREDICTIVE AUTO GADGETS – Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control is a technology developed by Honda that can predict approaching instances (ex: car switching into your lane) for up to 5 seconds. The technology uses a camera and radar to detect approaching objects and can even adjust your speed to plan accordingly. A driver is alerted when an icon lights up on the dashboard.

MOTORIZED ROLLER SKATES – Assisted pedestrian transportation is taking a more futuristic approach with Acton RocketSkates. Surely, with some balance practice, the two-wheeled boots can reach speeds of up to 12 mph.

WEIGHT-SENSING ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS – The ZBoard 2 is an improved version of the first, and can control speed simply guided by movements. It was designed for trips that may be too long to walk, but too short to drive.

Mobility options continue to expand in features with the use of technology. This proves that technology is part of our lives practically 24/7 and there isn’t a reason we shouldn’t allow it to simplify our lives with convenience.