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The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was packed with various technological trends. Photography innovations were one of the most popular among visitors. Being that all smartphones are equipped with decent quality cameras now, enhancing those features was at the top of the list. Videography technologies also fall in this category as a quickly evolving trend. Home surveillance/smartphone integration is also upping technological advances. Even handheld cameras are now equipped with State of the art technology. Some of the gadgets are:

SMARTPHONE FLASH ATTACHMENTS – With evolving megapixels in smartphone cameras, some still need a little help. A flash add on like the Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro can really improve the light and clarity of a photo. It is compact for easy travel too.

RESPONSIVE HOME SYSTEMS – The Peq Watchdog system is partnering with Zubie, which will allow for tracking of car activity on top of home surveillance/monitoring. With the Peq app and a device that plugs into your car, drivers will be able to monitor their driving habits and be alerted of car issues. The system could also be alerted when a car is approaching the home in order to turn lights/thermostat on.

FACIAL RECOGNITION CAMERAS – The Netatmo Welcome is a camera that can recognize facial features. Enabled by Wi-Fi, it can sense motion and WHO created the motion. The sensors decrease when someone is home and the actual camera includes HD clarity, night vision a 130-degree optical range. All manageable with an app, of course.

CONTACT-BASED CAMERA HUBS – For those dreading the process of data transferring, the Canon Connect Station can pull media simply by being in close proximity to another device. Priced under $300, it has a 1 Terabyte hard drive, a remote and it can even send data (such as pics) to your TV over Wi-Fi.

CONNECTED DSLR CAMERAS – Cameras that can instantly upload content to the web are the perfect match for photo enthusiasts. The most appealing feature is a decreasing price point in such innovative gadgets.

LIVE VIDEO DOORBELLS – In the world of constant doorstep deliveries, a live video doorbell (The Ring) can provide some peace of mind about stepping out since you can answer the door with your smartphone. The little gadget allows for instant video, fisheye image, to speak to the visitor and even playback footage.

Photographic technologies will only get better as time passes. Living in a “connected” society only motivates developers to create new (and more convenient) functions, and competition is high. High end performance gadgets no longer seem unobtainable to the public due to the revealing of realistic price options.