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Digital signage is one of the most popular ways to advertise with the use of enhanced technology. The capabilities are endless when it comes to digital signage and it is a guaranteed way to keep customers (or viewers) engaged. Digital signage technology has grown tremendously the last couple of years.


BrightSign is a company we proudly represent since it is a leading worldwide provider of digital sign media players, software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage industry. Their media players really set the bar high with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease-of-use and interactivity. The company was actually founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood who also happened to invent the DVR!

BrightSign was exclusively designed for digital signage. The product line offers various models packaged with features and connectivity options for specific applications. BrightSign is a total signage solution that goes beyond standard digital signage. It offers high performance solid-state devices, free-feature rich software and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery.


NATIVE 4K PLAYBACK – True 4K playback of 3840×2160 resolution 10 bit video using H.265 compression, at 60 fps via HDMI 2.0.
POWERFUL VIDEO ENGINE – Includes superior scaling technology and uncompromised decoding power for simultaneous tasks.
LIVE HDTV – Ability to play any broadcast content via HDMI input.
HTML5 – Assets can be layered together with high-bandwidth video to play back flawlessly.
SWIPE – Engage customers fully with swipe interactivity within HTML5 content.
DIGITAL SOUND – Crystal clear digital sound via SPDIF. Playlists can easily be added and synchronized.
∙ IP STREAMING – Supports full HD video, Mjpeg and audio streaming with numerous formats.
BRIGHTWALL – An easy to use drag-and-drop function allows you to create an impressive and vibrant impression across multiple displays.
ZONES – Allows you to multiply content delivery with multi-zone layouts.
INTERACTIVITY – Playback can be triggered virtually from any type of interactive device (keyboards, mice, barcode scanners, motion sensors, etc)
UDP CONTROL – Allows for interaction via mobile devices, as well as integration with databases, show controllers, etc.
LIVE FEEDS – Instant display of updated content, ideal for menus, schedules, social media posts, etc.
GEO-FENCING – Play content targeted to the location of the moving digital signage.
BRIGHTSIGN APP – Allows you to change user variables and trigger UDP events, perfect for updating menus.
SIGN PREVIEW – You can get a preview of your signage before “launching.”
NETWORKING – The multiple networking options make it easy to update content and manage settings remotely.

BrightSign really takes digital signage on a whole other level in an affordable way. Full interactive, it is an all-inclusive solution for anyone with the need of digital signage. Gridworks can get you connected at very reasonable pricing…contact Chris Johnson for more details (