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Do you ever want to host a backyard movie gathering but have no idea where to start or automatically think it will be too expensive? Have no fear…it doesn’t have to be as complicat4ed as it sounds. After all…nothing beats the comfort of your home (or backyard in this scenario). Here are the things to consider:

1) VIDEO SOURCE – This can come from various sources which means that there are a few options to suit your budget or perhaps make use of something you already have on hand. The easiest, most convenient options are laptops or DVD players, which most people already have in their possession.

2) VIDEO PROJECTOR – This is the component that most people don’t own and the one that can be the priciest. Not only that, it can be overwhelming when deciding which one is right for the intended purpose. Once option, of course, is to borrow one. The other option is buying, but that is where research should matter. Prices can range from $300 to over $1000. These are basic things to consider:

LCD or DLP – Both work but DLP projectors have better brightness and contrast (also more expensive).

BRIGHTNESS – Always think, the bigger your screen, the more lumens you are goin to want. Aim for 2000 lumens or better.

RESOLUTION – Again, the bigger the screen, the more pixels count. Look for a 720p or 1080p model (HD is always great too)

3) SOUND SYSTEM – First thing, for outdoor purposes, the projector does not need to have built in speakers. Next, check what you have on hand or perhaps what you can borrow. Some ideas:

STEREO AMPLIFIER – Shop around or ask around.
BOOM BOX – As long as it has auxiliary outputs.

4) SCREEN – There are various size options out there and even some DIY options.

Hosting a backyard movie event does not have to seem overwhelming or impossible. With a little research, anyone can take advantage of an ideal setting for some outdoor movie fun. Keep in mind, the projector is the component that costs the most, but an investment that is sure to repay you in many memories to come.