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Sport bars and similar environments can seem overwhelming for some. What if you are out with a crowd that wants to watch a particular game at a bar but you would rather check in on another game (perhaps another sport)? The system known as AudioEverywhere can help in such a situation. The system allows audio to be streamed to a customer’s smartphone or tablet via WiFi from TVs and digital signs. It works worldwide and has a free app available.


The system consists of three parts that work together within the venue’s public WiFi system (one can be installed if not available). The main parts are:

1) APPS – Provide easy access from a wireless device.
2) EXXTRACTOR – Appliance that connects the audio sources to the local area network in the venue.
3) CENTRAL CLOUD SERVER – Helps manage systems all over the world.

Once the audio is connected to the Exxtractor, it digitizes and packetizes it to send over the local area network and then to the WiFi. Multiple Exxtractors can be placed on the network so that each once can handle multiple audio sources if needed. People can then log onto the venue’s WiFi, open the App and choose the audio source they want.

AudioEverywhere can serve several types of venues such as:

• Assisted Living
• Back of Hall
• Bars/Clubs
• Casinos/Gaming
• Digital Signage/Communication
• Education
• Health and Fitness
• House of Worship
• Museums
• Restaurants
• Sports Bars
• Waiting Rooms

Gridworks can guide you step by step while getting you set up with AudioEverywhere, please contact us for more information.