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It is hard to imagine what gadget isn’t capable of working with Bluetooth technology these days. A rapidly improving “gadget” is a light bulb in this case. With the use of the very popular Bluetooth Smart (which allows billions of previously disconnected devices to join a connected world), specialized light bulbs can be used anywhere there is a socket. To make functions of this developing technology work, all you need are the bulb and the specified app required for a mobile device.

To begin, the light bulb will turn on when in Bluetooth range and off when outside the range to save power (both bulb and mobile device). Also, for example, the Lumen Bulb ( works with standard bulk sockets in a home and does not require special installation (who doesn’t like that, right?). Some of the special features are:

CALL ALERT MODE – Can announce an incoming call by flashing lights.

RELAXATION MODE – Mimics calming moonlight type lighting to create a relaxing environment.

ROMANCE MODE – Similar to the relaxation mode, creating a warm atmosphere through mellow lighting.

MUSIC SYNC MODE – Ability to synchronize music tunes with lighting effects. It is customizable to choose different color patterns and combinations.

PARTY MODE 1 AND 2 – Transform any room to a dance floor with pre-programmed flashing beats to go along with the music.

WAKE MODE – Can actually mimic sunrise lighting by gradually getting brighter (no loud scary alarm sound!) until wake up time. Also customizable in different settings.

Technology can surely improve a person’s daily routine and in this case, with the simple use of a “smart” light bulb. Using a very simple and direct method, one can control personal lighting atmosphere from a mobile device and fully interact with light for different outcomes.