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Stage Performance Lighting, Discover the amazing display of our lighting equipment. Commercial lighting equipment for performances, stages, lounges and dance floors.Cruise Ship entertainment, educational and public address systems
Discover the amazing display of our Stage performance lighting equipment.
Commercial Lighting Systems and Integration for all types of venues
Cruise Ship entertainment, educational and public address systems

Innovative Audio Systems, Video Projection Technologies and FX Lighting Design.
Solutions for your Commercial and Residential Installation Needs.

Experience Quality Video


“Better see rightly on a pound a week than squint on a million.”
– G.B. Shaw

Have you ever truly experienced high definition video? Chances are you are settling for average quality video, but why pay top dollar for an average experience when you can easily have the best for much less! At Gridworks, we strive to give everyone exactly what they want: outstanding picture quality without breaking the bank. Time and time again, we will go above and beyond standard requirements to provide specialty entertainment systems with the most superior quality video – essential aspects of a commercial entertainment venue or home theater system.

Stunning Lighting


“A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.”
– Paul Lynde

Lighting can truly change the feel of a space, whether it’s a room in your own home or on a stage. Our team has worked closely with many well-known companies, venues and small theaters and it has always been our goal to light up their spaces with consistent and reliable installations. Great lighting can truly make or break a space and at Gridworks, we make it our business to provide the most stunning installations as well as the best aesthetic integrations each and every time.

Crystal Clear Audio


“If music be the food of love, play on.”
– Willy Shakespeare

At Gridworks, we are perfectionists when it comes to sound quality. We all know the saying, “music to my ears” and yet sometimes we take our ears for granted when listening to subpar audio! With our innovative systems, specially customized for your personal needs, you will be able to hear the full range of sounds that you never thought possible.

Our Quality of Service


At Gridworks, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality AVL systems while simultaneously working closely with our customers to ensure that our work goes above and beyond the standard requirements. Our qualified technicians have years of training and experience combined with all the proper certifications and licensing so that each and every client can be guaranteed the best installations. We are committed to your satisfaction, which we know does not end after the job is finished. We will provide complete user-training and operating manuals, troubleshooting services as well as ongoing system upgrades and maintenance well into the future.